How to spot fake child welfare news?

Its getting much harder to spot fake news nowadays so we have to consider “all facts” and make a conclusion based on our common sense and other peoples opinions. Sometimes if you Google a particular news story you will find way too many versions of the story on way too many channels. Unfortunately this too is a clue that leans more to the news being fake. News about dead children in the US is fake 95% of the time. The most common way to spot FAKE NEWS is that the childs privacy is slaughtered, below are other ways that add up, and pretty soon you won’t even watch the news anymore, because its almost all fake……

  1. They show the childs face photo on the news right away.
  2. They may tell you this is allowed but its not true, children’s privacy is very protected.
  3. Only the parent of the dead child may disclose or allow to disclose this information.
  4. In some states they will not even allow the parent to expose their own children out of respect.
  5. In the higher courts news media, lawyers, police are strictly prohibited from exposing dead children.
  6. The Facebook pages or profiles of any person involved are not as active as a living human.
  7. There are entire groups created which are solely focused on the victims, crime or anything.
  8. The truth finder account has no family members attached to the person.
  9. No gravestone exists, for the victims.
  10. The funeral of a child was overly publicized and drawn out.
  11. The trial was overly publicized and drawn out.
  12. The lawsuit filed after is always for a super strange amount of money.
  13. The lawsuit is public and written so horribly they want you to use it and fail.
  14. The story just looks fake and seems way too unrealistic including all issues that child welfare has?
  15. They show many face and extremely personal photos of the child right away.
  16. They reveal the full name of the child and their family right away.
  17. They promote the GoFundMe page immediately or even prior to the time of death.
  18. They show the childs family pleading in front of a news camera right away and oddly active.
  19. Their names sound way to stupid and obvious to be real.
  20. You can’t find the victim, or any family member birth or death certs online.
  21. You can find this Info but the birth cert was recently added or is missing.
  22. All the news channels local and more are airing the same exact story.
  23. The plot is something that CPS would want in their favor to change policy.
  24. The victim is verified but the abuser is nowhere to be found in any prison or jail.
  25. You found the perp in jail and death cert but you can’t find the birth cert of the child?
  26. News channels are mostly owned by one person or company so fake news is on all channels.
  27. CPS will find names of people that are already dead and create a whole different story on how they died.
  28. CPS will create this fake news in order to change the rules regarding visitation, warrant execution and more.
  29. In my state 2013 the child fatality reviews were abundant (many of them) 13 were completely fake.
  30. In order to get more money from their state legislature higher numbers of child deaths helps.
  31. If the perpetrator commits suicide or dies immediately usually because CPS inside contacts with corrections officers are broken.
  32. CPS has connections in corrections and they can add fake inmates to any jail or prison, they also add fake court papers.
  33. The best and most solid way to find out is if you know someone inside that jail or prison to verify the inmate.
  34. We found a child murderer with a DOC number from 1943, likely fake news and they recycled the number.
  35. If there is a big “sting” where the police are saying they saved a bunch of kids, might be fake for funding reasons.
  36. They need the public to vote and keep CPS funded so they will do these to boost public confidence in child welfare.]
  37. The news will expose info about the child, when its is way too soon for them to know this info yet.
  38. Child welfare policy will change because of this news article and it will do so fast or oddly perfect.
  39. Some examples are listed below of fake news stories created by news media:




How do we know these stories are likely fake? Well because they are centered around domestic violence which is something CPS has had to focus on more since the legalization of marijuana in so many states that focusing on parental substance abuse is slowly becoming harder to do for them. Bottom line be a skeptic about any news you see involving child victims.

No death certificates exist for the children of Chris Watts. He is not in any prison in all 50 states. Inmates are required by law to be publicly listed for the public safety. Chris Watts and his wife were also promoting THRIVE a sports drink which they proudly wear the patch for in almost all of their photos and Shanaan Watts whose name was recycled from the Sandy Hook Massacre, actually worked for this company called THRIVE. Look closely at the photo below and you can even see the THRIVE patch underneath her shirt. Chris Watts photos are all the same, look at his smile on every photo, its the same smile. This just means they were highly photoshopped why who knows.

Susan Cox Powell has no grave stone in the entire state of Washington, the lawsuit filed after was for like 96 million and highly publicized. They even made an entire website about the murders plastering these dead children all over it. After this murder CPS changed their policy in Washington state are no longer bringing children to the bio parents home for visits. CPS is trying to make it seem as if your children have to be blown up in a house fire for you to sue them. This is not true, they always only show lawsuits regarding “dead” children. This is done intentionally, if that childs face is on the TV screen just know that is fake news.

Fotus Dulos is an actor from another country, check out his Facebook page you won’t find his wife or children anywhere on it and he speaks a different language. . How did we investigate him? Almost every single article about him and these murders online say the word “Toyota” thousands of articles. They do not say “truck” or “car.” But “Toyota.” Fotus Dulos killed himself while in jail they say. His wife who is missing is now in a book on Amazon where an author is now making huge ads and raking in money. There was also a lawsuit after this family went missing, for some millions not sure how they never did find her body.

In India where child abuse and child rape is ramped, they NEVER give out the childs name or photos, only age, gender, or how the child dies. Sometimes barely that. There are 40,000 rapes of children in India reported each year. The child victims of these rapes are mostly young boys between age 3-10. They now get the death penalty in the country of India for raping a child. in 2013 2 million newborn babies died in India. In the US only 15,000 children under 18 die yearly and only 1,700 of those deaths are related to the abuse of a child. That means there is a 0.002% chance you abused your child.

Sites like Wikipedia always have fake news not sure why since this site is not even located in the US but if you ever want to read fake news without pop up ads Wikipedia is the site to go to.

Find birth and death certificates online at but be careful because they are added easily by just about anyone. The Social Security Index is more solid but takes forever to search through. US find a grave is owned by so I doubt thats a credible site myself. But it does have the records from the government websites that is just way more easy to search.

Just because you find that the birth and death certificates are available this may still be fake, you have to do more digging because I found that all of the Sandy Hook victims were on But that is the clue right there, why were they all 20 of them so perfectly added to this site not one of them had a missing birth cert or any “mistakes” that the normal public would have made. You would think maybe one parent forgot to get a valid birth certificate out of the entire 20, but oddly all 20 parents did everything they were supposed to when their child was born and when their child died. This is the biggest clue, because normal people fuck up a lot.


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