They are offering foster children to adopt for a fee directly from your US Government. This must be stopped! Why? Because when 80% of removals are for neglect then you can bet that those parents were violated of their basic fundamental rights in an attempt for government profit.


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  1. If your child was removed by CPS chances are you did not have a court hearing prior to that or it may not have happened right?
  2. This is a violation of your civil rights, you have a right to be heard in court, and I don’t mean your lawyer I mean YOU.
  3. In the shelter care hearing if you were told to stay quiet they violated your civil rights! Write about it tell on them!
  4. If you missed any of your court dates due to COVID-19 they violated your civil rights.
  5. If you missed any visits with your child or had to do video visits and your child is too young for that, they violated your civil rights.
  6. You have a right to see your child in a manner where you are able to parent them in an appropriate setting.
  7. Unless you are a crazy child beater then you have rights so please read the Constitution of the United States

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  1. For each injury listed you must state a brief sentence as to how it violated your civil rights.
  2. This means find the 4th and 14th amendment and find out exactly how they did it.
  3. This may sound like you are repeating yourself a lot but you must that is the point to stake your claim.
  4. Always put all the information you have even if you think it may make you look not so innocent they want the FACTS.
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