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  1. If you were accused of actual child abuse or sexual abuse we can not help you and you should probably seek professional help.
  2. If you are a parent and you need emotional support, help, advice, or you just want someone to listen, we have parents in every state nationwide that can and will help.
  3. The key to winning is finding others like you in your state, get the facts from each other and trust each other because no child deserves to be abused by a corrupt social worker.
  4. We currently have parents in Wisconsin, Florida, California, and Washington some with children permanently removed others still fighting. Some won the fight, and they are here to support you.
  5. If you are feeling helpless and need to talk to anyone we are 100% confidential and will never even ask your name, or any personal information from you.
  6. We can help anytime of day or night and someone somewhere will be up we are not religious, we are not in support of child welfare or any policy related.
  7. We do not support all parents, we primarily support biological parents, or blood relatives, parents who were or are paid a monthly stipend to be parents are considered government employees in our eyes and have plenty of federally funded support already in place.
  8. We do not collect any fees ever it is not legal for any of us to assist you writing your own legal documents however we can point you in the right direction.
  9. We have also opened comments on this page if you want to add your information and would like to help someone in your area if they need, and vice versa.

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