Did your parents tell you that your mother willingly gave you up for adoption, they may even lie and say she abused you or did not want you. Not many mothers willingly give up children at birth. 86% of newborn removals are not for actual child abuse because the mother would be in jail and on the 5  o’clock news if she truly did abuse her child and she would likely do jail time for it. I would find out more information from my adoptive parents. Sure they may have meant well, but sometimes the government does not mean well, and social workers will steal very young children prior to an age they can remember anything. By steal we mean force adoption through a court process called “concurrent planning” which is mandated by law in all 50 states in the United States. This means adoption starts on day one of pick up and your blood relatives termination also starts on that day.

  1. Find your real birth parents and make sure the story is true.
  2. Get a DNA test if you feel like they may not be your parents they do not have to know.
  3. You can buy a DNA test at any local pharmacy.
  4. If you find out they are not your parents I would sue the government for trying to trick me.
  5. This likely has never happened before and you may have a claim.
  6. The social workers do play matching by race games with infants in foster care.
  7. The number one age of all adoptions completed out of foster care is age 2.
  8. The social workers do commit high crimes and are granted immunity for these crimes.
  9. These crimes include perjury, forgery, and falsifying court documents especially concerning newborns.
  10. This may be something your adoptive parents are open about and thats even better.
  11. They may have been misinformed regarding your biological parents by the social workers.
  12. Child abuse in the United States is so rare it is almost unheard of at a rate of 0.002%
  13. They do not just steal and sell infants in the US this happens worldwide.
  14. Since the beginning of time, only a countries government can profit from selling infants.
  15. The core issue surrounding their unlawful actions is US law called the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997.
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How to get rid of CPS completely?
How to sue them?
How to avoid them?
They do not want you to read this book.

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