Who you can sue and how to name them.

You can sue anyone for anything! Do not let the naysayers tell you that you can’t this is their failed attempt to stop you from getting rich. there is a first time for everything state your case if you feel like you have one who cares what anyone says sue the person you believe violated your rights don’t follow the rules. Do what you think and know is the right thing to do. Rich and famous people did not get to where they are by following the rules they took a risk.

  1. Never name the state it embarrassing to them
  2. Only name the people in their individual capacity and that they work for the state.
  3. Judge (individual capacity)
  4. Commissioner (individual capacity)
  5. Bailiff (individual capacity)
  6. School District (official capacity)
  7. Attorney General (individual capacity)
  8. Police Department (official capacity)
  9. City of ___________ (city is considered a “person”)
  10. County of  __________(official capacity)
  11. Do not name Child Protective Services
  12. Drug and Alcohol Counselor (individual capacity)
  13. CPS Supervisors (individual capacity)
  14. Teacher (individual capacity)
  15. Nurse (individual capacity)
  16. Doctor (individual capacity)
  17. Hospital (official capacity)
  18. Daycare worker (individual capacity)
  19. Court clerk (individual capacity)
  20. Social workers (individual capacity)
  21. CPS Area Administrators (individual capacity)
  22. CASA (individual capacity)
  23. Your Attorney (individual capacity)
  24. Foster Parents (individual capacity)
  25. Police Officer (individual capacity)
  26. Police Detective (individual capacity)
  27. Prosecuting Attorney (individual capacity)
  28. Division of Child Support (official capacity)
  29. College or School (official capacity)