Child Trafficking

When it is not child abuse you will know.

The percentage rates speak loud and clear, when CPS can remove a child and terminate their rights based on drug use when the number 1 cause of death for infants is not drug use but parents falling asleep on top of their children. In most cases that parent did not have the means to afford a separate crib or bigger space to live in. Poverty in some cases, the parent did not have the knowledge or ability to fix this issue that lead their child to die.

Do not feel bad if you have had CPS called on you. CPS is so desperate to sell children they will come to uyour door and harass you if your child has a dirty diaper. They target children and parents who are:

  1. Under 5 years old.
  2. In poverty.
  3. On food stamps.
  4. Parents who they know will not cooperate.
  5. Assume may be on drugs.

You can be a normal person with no problems at all and if you fit the description they focus and target you no matter what.

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