What evidence to add to your tort filing?

  • We recommend sending all evidence with your tort via postal mail ask for a signature from UPS or Fed Ex, keep the signed receipt of the Attorney general accepting this evidence.
  • Unless you go with an online filing option. With that you take a risk of them not receiving an upload that may have been crucial evidence for them.
  • Any and all evidence to prove your case, even if your case is still open explain that your time is almost up to hold them accountable.
  • Redact your child’s name and personal information, they will have access to it all anyway its their job to investigate your claim.
  • Print out all documents court, related, mark each document so they can refer to the document from your tort form explanation of what happened.
  • They may deny your claim thats okay it is to be expected asking for millions will not always come with a yes.
  • This is when you are free to file your lawsuit you have completed step one.

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