Child TraffickingCivil Rights

Vote Judge Ramseyer out, children are deleted from the docket.

In Seattle Washington the Family court judges have completely corrupted. The proof is in the pudding they never gave this lady a shelter care hearing and when she sued the court official they attempted to add one almost 6 months later. One thing about the court docket, you can’t alter it or change it to what you want. Obviously this court clerk thought she could and did. Problem is not even she will be able to fix her mistake so her job is likely gone. If they can do this with a 5 year old child why should we trust these court officials with sex offenders and real child abusers?

Ramseyer won re-election without appearing on a ballot in 2016 because no challengers emerged by the May 2016 filing deadline.[1] In counties with a population that is greater than 100,000, if only one superior court candidate files for election for a judgeship, that candidate is automatically elected and the county does not hold a general election for the seat. According to the 2010 census, the following counties have a population greater than 100,000:[2]

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