Civil RightsNationwide

Things to get in order to find evidence.


  1. Get the discovery not from CPS from your attorney only, CPS will redact it.
  2. Get the court docket list ask the court clerk for the list of all items on your case.
  3. This will show you whether you are missing hearings
  4. Look for the word “minutes” ask the clerk for the audio on all court hearings.
  5. Stop emailing your social worker and start speaking to them on speaker phone
  6. Inform them that you will be recording all conversations if they ask why say you have a bad memory.
  7.  Emails and text messages may get thrown out by the attorney general when the trial comes anyway.
  8. Record all visits with your kids the entire visit.
  9. If not video then audio, this is important in proving that you are a perfect parent.
  10. Buy a little body cam if you tend to forget to record.
  11. If you are using emails never delete them and save them often
  12. Record conversations you have with your providers.
  13. Record conversations you have with court officials especially.
  14. Download statistical information via print page to pdf because many times they remove charts
  15. Download laws and policies right now do not wait and assume they will not change online.
  16. You want the law that mattered at the time it happened.
  17. Download emergency orders right now do not assume they will not change either.
  18. Many times state officials will remove and alter things online to make their crimes vanish.
  19. Do the research on child abuse get the statistics from public disclosure every state has one.

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