Washington state where my chances are very slim I am seeking a civil rights attorney I will pay by the hour if you can simply guide me and I will even sign a consent so the state will not know you are helping me? I am a 36 year old single mother and they violated my civil rights when they picked up my infant daughter, this happened in December 2019 I have only had video visits since our separation this has been so hard on me and depression has taken over. Please help.

I am also looking to try and hire an attorney, all the help would be blessings. I am also a single mother of 27 yo they are trying to terminate my rights and it had only been a year but I was just released from jail a few months ago. I am in an inpatient treatment facility. You can message me and I will send you court documents to prove my situation, my husband does not get released for another 4 and a half years.

Thanks for the help!