Child Trafficking

Selling Children Online

Yes, your local CPS office works closely with adoption agencies worldwide, the problem is that 80% of removals are not even for abuse, rather neglect. In most of those cases the parents were robbed for their children. The state would not allow these parents to speak at any of their court dates and most important they would not even offer treatment to help their parents get off of drugs. Instead they would just take the child keep them for long enough to have their rights terminated.


Why is this wrong?

Because CPS has the longest track record of making mistakes than any other government agency. Why would anyone believe that they could actually get it right? They remove children from poor single mothers for profit. The children on this website are not free. They also offer adoption disruption insurance from the US government.

The government social workers see themselves as doing the right thing by taking these children from poor families to rich families, while leaving the poor families poor and sick with addiction they profit from selling the child online. Someone in China might also want an American baby, off they go for a fee of $30,000.00 for international adoptions.


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