Of course you should sue we likely all have a great case!

  1. You only have 1-3 years from the date of civil rights violation to sue, say that if you sue with an open case.
  2. You can sit their and do nothing see if that makes a difference, why not sue these are your kids.
  3. It is written in the United States Constitution this is not a joke your rights as a parent are far more paramount then CPS assumptions.
  4. The Bill of Rights is a parents protection and you stating your claim is the only way you will stop them
  5. There is no civil rights police unit that is out to catch the social workers violating rights.
  6. All you have to do is word it correctly say the right thing and use the right forms.
  7. The judges in the Federal courts have a lot more respect for parents who pay the filing fee.
  8. They also like to play fair and give people the chance they deserve if their rights are being violated.
  9. Your rights are definitely being violated right now, especially if you never abused your child and CPS still has them in foster care.
  10. The social workers are committing a crime when they do these things yet they get away with it because nobody pulls out the rug as they should.
  11. Every state is different but the Bill of Rights and the amendments should be followed nationwide.
  12. When a social worker uses their badge to remove a protected right from you lacking probable cause they are violating your rights.
  13. Of course they will say they are immune if that was the case they would not offer social worker liability insurance online.
  14. Nobody not even the judge is immune, a lawsuit is a “public complaint”
  15. This means make sure and expose the most embarrassing facts about their deliberate actions when you write your lawsuit.
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  1. The children was removed wrongfully and I done everything dcs said do to get the children back and then they had my visitation with my children suspended and broke there own laws on tpr for no reason and violated all my rights and my children was always told we were gonna stay and get back together and we were lied to PLEASE HELP save the children.

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