Civil Rights

Of Course You do not NEED a lawyer.

  1. It is your right under the 7th amendment of the constitution to have a jury trial if you feel like your civil rights have been violated.
  2. Make sure and only sue under Section 1983
  3. You likely will not find a lawyer, time to put your brave hat on!
  4. You can do this on your own, the state has attorneys that threaten lawyers not to sue their state.
  5. You don’t live in attorney land possibly you live in completely opposite of attorney land.
  6. But you know you do not beat or molest your children so why are these vultures at your door?
  7. This is going to take some investigating.
  8. Is your child under the age of 5? That is likely why.
  9. If you are a single parent or on Food Stamps? That is likely why.
  10. Did you tell them to go away? That is likely why.
  11. You my friend are the perfect recipe for a disaster parent.
  12. You care about your child and it shows they need that.
  13. You qualify for funding being on food stamps.
  14. and your child is worth more under the age of 5
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