Case Law

New people to CPS must know these important details.

  1. Never sign ANYTHING from anyone unless its a check to cash with your name on it.
  2. Always write on the signature line “refused to sign” so no one else can sign it for you.
  3. CPS will with hold visitation deliberately.
  4. They will put you down and tell you they have safety concerns.
  5. They will tell you that you can not be around other children.
  6. If you have children with you then you definitely need to sue because that makes no sense.
  7. No matter how many classes you take it will never be good enough.
  8. They favor men a lot. If you have a man you guys should pretend you broke up and see if that makes the kid come home to him faster.
  9. They target you because your child is very young and they like to sell young children.
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