How to search for similar lawsuits?

  1. Google search and add “complaint against CPS .PDF” at the end of your search, no click images so you can see the top pages.
  2. Look for cases that won and lost just to get used to the lingo the way they write and talk all weird.
  3. If your case is still open try to focus on your issues and not your children at all if possible.
  4. If there is abuse occurring we suggest actually calling CPS on the party who has custody but not as yourself.
  5. Is it worth to pay for a membership search site? Possibly.
  6. Make sure and include key words required to win like “clearly established”
  7. Google “How to win a section 1983 lawsuit?” create your own question and see what comes up.
  8. As long as you stay on images you will be able to browse easily
  9. Its is okay to use other peoples work they will not wonder why you copied instead they will be glad you copied.
  10. Sure you will find way more criminal stuff than anything however if it says Section 1983 like yours may want to read it
  11. Pick a style you like and stick with it.
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