How to find out if you can sue.

  1. Find other parents in similar situations that live in your jurisdiction.
  2. Find someone who has your social worker if at all possible.
  3. Trade notes and find out how they are being treated.
  4. Get documentation of how you are being treated, via emails, text, audio or video.
  5. If its gender specific find out how and what actions are being taken.
  6. Ask for your discovery right away from your attorney they will have to give it to you.
  7. Get your court documents from the court clerk not from CPS
  8. Make sure you have all the recordings from all hearings
  9. Stop communicating with CPS only communicate through your attorney.
  10. If you are pro se only communicate with the attorney for CPS
  11. When documenting things that happened do this via emailing yourself so you have a date stamp attached on the email.
  12. Or mail it to yourself and dont open it, this will verify that it came from that day and make it official.
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