Child Trafficking

How is CPS selling your children? Concurrent Planning.

Have you ever had a meeting with CPS and your lawyer where they talk about placement and visitation it is kind of considered a court date to them and they audio record everything? Well look at your paperwork from the meeting and see if you find this word in particular: CONCURRENT PLANNING If you do that means CPS has already petitioned to have your rights terminated. By law they have to run termination and adoption concurrent, if your child is in a licensed foster home and you gave them placement a long time ago or something funny is happening to where you cant seem to get them to place your child with a family member or anyone,  even not blood related relative. Because they do not have to be blood related to be a placement option. This means they are forcing foster placement for title IV-E funding and in the title funding policy manual it clearly states they must run adoption and termination concurrently.


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