1. You will only fill this out when you receive your summons back in the mail from the federal district clerk in your city.
  2. After you receive that official stamped summons you will copy every single document you sent to the federal court clerk initially, and add the newly stamped summons, plus this waiver, and serve it to your local attorney general of your state only not of your case.
  3. You are the Plaintiff they are the Defendants and they will sign and fill out the rest at the bottom,  the attorney generals do not want you to serve the social workers at their employment or anywhere.
  4. This does not mean you trust the Attorney General they are still snakes and they work for the state so they are not to be trusted. They are not your friends and they hope you fail.
  5. You will need to send them all of your evidence which you should have already done when you filed your tort form prior to filing your lawsuit.
  6. The attorney general will take this form and fill the rest out he or she will then file it with the federal court so you will not have to pay for a service processor or find someone to serve them.
  7. You can not sue a state agency or government agency under section 1983 you can only sue a person, human being, state official in their individual capacity.
  8. You can sue a state agency for other reasons but Section 1983 is made for specifically state officials violating the rights of citizens.