1. Tort law is active in all 50 US states meaning you must file a tort if you are going to ask for cash damages no matter where in the US you live.
  2. This is not your lawsuit it is your warning to the state you live in that you are about to sue them and asking them how much money you want from them.
  3. You can not sue a state agency or government agency under Section 1983 you can only sue a person, human being, state official in their individual capacity. WE RECOMMEND YOU ALSO SUE YOUR CITY OR COUNTY WITH YOUR WORKER!
  4. You can sue a state agency for other things but not under Section 1983.
  5. Every state is different in how they handle tort claims against the state, so please google how your state does.
  6. In some states they require you file by going to a notary first and filling out different forms then a general tort.
  7. This is a generic nationwide tort form, this is required if you want compensation from the state in monetary damages.
  8. You must fill it out within 1 year of injury in most states, and you must put in the amount of money you expect to receive for your injury.
  9. In most unlawful removals the common injury will be IIED Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. Future mental health costs will be your job to prove.
  10. Take this form and your documented evidence together and mail it to the attorney general of your state make sure and do it certified mail.
  11. This is your warning to your state that you will be suing for monetary damages. Under jurisdiction in your complaint, make a note that you already filed a tort form with the state.
  12. Follow the “Rules of Evidence” when submitting evidence to them.
  13. Tort law¬† in nationwide so all 50 states have to file a tort first, if you want money, this will need to be sent to your states “attorney general”
  14. Some states have online tort filing options google it!
  15. Put in the amount you want to be compensated, higher than $75,000.00.
  16. As long as you wait 60 days after filing then you will not have to have the actual letter to file your lawsuit just state under jurisdiction that you filed a tort 60 days ago.
  17. This is a part of your federal lawsuit in that it is required to be completed prior to filing your lawsuit if you are asking for cash damages.