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Federal lawsuit against 7 social workers spans over 11 years in Seattle

How do you know when you are reading real news? When they give you actual court documents from an actual case that is on the docket in a federal court  of the United States, and that case is searchable, may not be available unless you pay but it has definitely been filed.

Keep in mind the Plaintiff is not a lawyer and is doing this on her own no lawyer. The following case numbers apply to this article:

  1. 20-cv-00650 TLF
  2. 20-cv-00981 JLR
  3. 20-cv-01001 RMN

All 3 cases are connected and the Plaintiff is the same in all 3 as well. Her case in family court is still open but she has an extensive history with CPS and this being her last child she did not want to take any chances. She is claiming

  1. Racial discrimination,
  2. Gender discrimination,
  3. Perjury,
  4. Official Misconduct, all under
  5. Section 1983 a civil rights violation

He first lawsuit was filed in April and since then she has filed more upon receiving more information that could not be ignored. Her next family law dependency court date is on the 24th August 2020 and she has filed for a dismissal of her case.

In the lawsuits she had no clue about the forgery, but now that she does it may be too late, but she has amended them hopefully enough to get someones attention.


  1. CPS removed her 16 yo son in 2019 telling her to give him back his father that abandoned him 3 years prior. Gender discrimination.
  2. They favored her sons father in 2009 and even though they had all the same rules he was permitted to breaking those rules. Gender discrimination.
  3. She was going to charge them with perjury but has since found out the hearing was faked.
  4. Her 5 year old was removed during a mandated lock down when the governor ordered no removals unless they were deemed “mission critical” so
  5. at the shelter care hearing for her child one of the court officials marked that she was missing from the hearing, this would make their reason “mission critical” they never went on the record either.
  6. She was at a hearing yet silenced by her attorney and the judge was rushing the hearing, also silenced her.
  7. The real reason for her child’s removal was 1 false positive drug screen, she obtained a letter from her doctor less than one week later by then the courts and the CPS office was 100% closed to the public on all levels.
  8. One of the court officials forged the signature of a judge that was and is only licensed to practice law in the state of Washington.
  9. Because of these documents being fraudulent and forged they never provided her with a copy of these documents when she left the hearing on March 17th 2020.
  10. The court officials knew it would be months before her next court date and months before she would touch her child again.
  11. The lock down became effective in family court March 10th 2020 her child was removed on March 16th 2020.

RCW 9A.80.010 Official misconduct.

(1) A public servant is guilty of official misconduct if, with intent to obtain a benefit or to deprive another person of a lawful right or privilege:

(a) He or she intentionally commits an unauthorized act under color of law; or

(b) He or she intentionally refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him or her by law.

(2) Official misconduct is a gross misdemeanor.


Advice she gives anyone else who wants to sue with an open case:

  1. Leave the kids name out and leave the cps office name out
  2. Only name the social workers and how they discriminated against you.
  3. Only sue them in their individual capacity.
  4. Do not copy other lawsuits unless its hers, but they put lawsuits out there intentionally with flaws hoping you copy and use it.
  5. Name as many social workers as you can that effected you.
  6. Never tell them you are suing if they ask pretend you have no clue what they are talking about.
  7. As long as you filed the tort 60 days prior that is their warning.
  8. If you do mention your child do not put their initials or name. Just name them as “child”
  9. Do not even mention you have an open case unless what the social worker did happened in the court room then, you get the audio from the hearing.
  10. Focus on how they targeted you, lied to you, and did wrong to you.
  11. No parent needs an attorney they will just take all your money anyway. That money is rightfully yours and not an attorneys.

As long as you do not force them to have to pry in your sealed case and you have the discovery from your attorney already then you should be able to sue with an open case. They won’t throw it out if it sounds true make sure and give details, under section 1983 they have to have discriminated against you. Read the 4th and 14th amendment. Do not let anyone stop you from holding them accountable.

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