Do not fall for it CPS will manipulate you into thinking you are abusive.

  1. They will put you down a lot.
  2. They will say there are safety concerns.
  3. Even if you never even touched your child.
  4. CPS will take your child for things you do to yourself.
  5. They will stalk and harass you.
  6. They are very desperate for children under 5.
  7. They give these children to adopting parents that think all adoptions are open.
  8. But what they don’t know is that child was illegally kidnapped for profit.
  9. What they don’t know is that parent never abused their child.
  10. What they don’t know is that 86% of child abuse cases are for “neglect”.
  11. They will postpone all of your court dates for stupid reasons.
  12. Until the end of 2 years and then funding will be over for them.
  13. They will not need the child anymore but still want to keep the case open.
  14. The longer they keep the case open the longer everyone gets paid.
  15. In order to keep it open they place the kids with an incompetent person.
  16. Someone they know you hate but will drag the case on.
  17. After a while that placement fails and now they will say “See they took too long.”
  18. They will send your child back to the foster home they started in.
  19. Drag the case out a few more years drive you nuts.
  20. Then use everything against you blame you for everything and sell your child.
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