CPS promotes the feeling of being kidnapped and abandoned for children

  1. They do not tel children that their parents are not allowed to see them.
  2. The child then feels like their parent does not want them anymore.
  3. CPS wants your child to hate you and bond with the foster parent.
  4. Their goal always is and always was “adoption” by strangers.
  5. The foster parents are well aware of this goal.
  6. They are excited that in 15 months they can keep your child.
  7. CPS will ignore you deliberately and do nothing they should to reunify.
  8. It is not in their job description to reunify.
  9. The foster parents know these practices and are instructed to act confused.
  10. They know that their parents have no clue where their child is.
  11. Yet they allow children to continue in sorrow because of their selfishness.
  12. Foster parents prefer babys so the child does not know or remember their parents.
  13. This site will put a stop to that because you can find out here if you were illegally or unfairly removed and not “adopted”
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