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One would claim that without parents serving, and rearing such, there would be no sanctity. Without parents at home teaching children right from wrong, there would be no justice in all states. Collapsing their authority altogether be the behemoth disguised as a state official, acting in the color of state law. Parroting the phrase “in the child’s best interest” when the child learns everything of such from their authorities, these figures also known as, and respected as, their parents. If there were not the most basic clearly established rights in the US constitution, a protected fundamental interest, there would be no justice at all to the public. Persons would have no respect for authority, since this is learned as a child at home long before adulthood and responsibility rear in.

  1. Upon further investigation the Plaintiff found pages and pages of evidence that prove her children were kept in a licensed foster home for profit and, her oldest daughter was even allowed to be adopted by strangers for a bonus.
  2. The Defendant and its state actors set up a play on a stage. For 6 years Defendants officials played the violin and danced the dance, fooling the Plaintiff into believing that it was her parenting that failed on a scale they supplied.
  3. When reality was, she would never weigh the right amount to equal a parent of their kind. For the only kind of parent they seek was one that did not exist and their ultimate goal no matter what she did; was to terminate her rights.
  4. This is true simply by referring to the text in the Adoption and Safe Family’s Act of 1997, where it clearly states no title IV-E funding shall be used in an attempt to reunify the biological family.
  5. This funding is strictly prohibited and all funding shall be geared towards terminating the rights of parents more quickly and raising the amount of adoptions.
  6. The state officials are there to benefit the paying adopting parent, seeing themselves as rightful taking from the poor and giving to the rich, giving these children a better life while at the same time getting funding for it from
  7. Secretary Hilary Clinton, who wrote the devils passage also referred to as ASFA. These parents are paying up to 30-50k per adoption and the US government even offers “adoption disruption insurance” just in case the parent happens to snap out of it and get their rights back.
  8. Hospitals join in the parade by rejecting patients who suffered from a lifelong disease they are born with taking their newborn children from them.
  9. Then kicking them out of the hospital while they are sick and not mentally there. Secretly hoping they stay high and never realize, they have just been blindsided by the very people who swore on the medical oath they plastered on their wall.
  10. “To treat all sickness and disease no matter what,” For some reason this disease they were sick from was somehow not capable of medical treatment from a professional and looked down upon by society.
  11. So much that state officials are allowed to steal their children and sell them to the next highest bidder online.
  12. How dare any physician call Child Protective Services without treating the patient for their sickness(addiction).
  13. Yet silently behind their back while they are incoherent and high, stealing the mothers flesh and blood. Kicking them while they are down and putting them out of the hospital.
  14. They could care less if the mother fell off a cliff, but wait you said this was a disease and somehow when she bares a treasure for all to see it is suddenly scorned and shunned as if she a choice to be sick?
  15. There must be reform these newborn babies are being stolen by state officials for a sickness they are told they can’t help and they are born with, mothers must be allowed time to sober up and stay in hospital.
  16. The newborns must be given an opportunity for their mom to be in their right mind prior to removing the child. and not kidnapped for profit. These mothers run scared because they are told to, the state has no heart. How can anyone parent their child at 4 hours per week.
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