Civil Rights

After you file your lawsuit then what?

  • Remember paying cash for your filing fee makes all the difference!
  • if you did not pay cash you will have to wait for a panel of judges to approve your fee waiver.
  • Every state is different check and see how long they have to answer
  • If the social workers ask if you are suing them say you have no clue what they are talking about.
  • This is so they do not try and retaliate. They will anyway.
  • After they file an answer denying everything as they will and they will also move to dismiss, file a reply to their answer.
  • Explain how the facts you have record of are outside of your case and you can prove them without going into your sealed case.
  • Or explain how you only have 3 years to sue and they fucked up so you dont have time.
  • In this reply reintroduce your claim but briefly and explain why they should not dismiss your case.
  • Explain how this has a public interest and must go to trial.
  • Explain how long you have been waiting and you have seen many parents lose their children.
  • This is when it is ok to quote other cases!

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